HO Layout Takes Imagination

Let’s get it straight from the beginning there never was a Neverwas and Seldomused here depicted in HO Scale. It is handy to have an imagination.

One of the joys of model railroading, particularly in HO Scale is the ability to run your own railroad in your own environment. You aren’t locked into trying to adapt a railroad system to existing geography.

What is your favorite scene? Why not model it in the prime real estate of your layout plan. How about a switching module—Industrial siding? Logging operation? Plan it for another corner of your layout plan

  MapYour Way To A Good Deal
  ThisMap Is Not Complete But Will Give You An Idea of Where We're Going  
Cars/Trucks Planes
N Scale O

The one thing I always loved about model railroading was the ability to buy any engine and give it a new livery (colors and logos) to become the stars on my N and S Railroad without fear of a visiting expert chiding me about miniscule details that make up his rail world, not mine.

Manufacturers Agree

You will find a growing trend among model railroad equipment manufacturers to get beyond the confines of prototypical design.But it is your space, use it as you see fit.

Future articles will detail and scenic the Neverwas and Seldomused.

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