Helicopter Flight Takes More
Than Just Ups and Downs

Helicopters are becoming mainline products for modelers looking for Radio Controlled flying challenges.

There is a pure adrenaline rush as your instructor shows you the maneuverability of a modern RC helicopter - sideways, backwards, round in circles and then the tricky test of concentration and skill - the hover. Then it 's your turn to take the controls, climb away, take a look at the countryside, then come back down to earth for low-level flying (and we mean low!) and to see if you can handle the hover.

In fact, give this Online Simulator? a Whirl.

Still with us? I know I didn't have much luck with this game. I crashed every attempt. I'll be back.

Here's a good starting model that keeps the above cautions in mind:

This is some instruction specific to the Micro Mosquito written by someone using eBay with more flying experience than I have gained.

Although it's a RadioShack toy and priced quite high ($65-$70) , it's extremely durable despite it's delicate looks. I've only been using it for a few days and already crashed it a dozen times with no damage. The only thing you have to watch for is that the Main Drive Gear is in the right position before your next attempt (see manual). One click and you're back in action.

Before the 1st flight you need to do a few things. 1. Quickly scan thru the manual. Getting all your batteries in etc. 2. Again, check the Drive Gear alignment (mine was off right out of the box). 3. Charge the Mosquito on it's pedestal until the green light stops blinking.

Assuming you got all the basics out of the way and ready to go, lets get this bug-a-flying. As you should have read, this is an in-door model only. It's just not meant for any type of wind. So a fairly open space like an empty Garage or big living room is perfect! Now give it some throttle to go up (and only up, don't use the right stick just yet!) until the Mosquito gets about waist/chest level. First thing you'll notice is that the body is spinning, relax it's normal. Turn the center Trim Knob on the transmitter/remote in the opposite direction. So if its spinning right, turn the Trim left until it stops spinning and just hovers in a fairly straight manner. Now you're ready.

Do yourself a favor and remember just 3 words. "Smooth Controlled Movements". The second you yank and over compensate, it'll crash. You have to be gentle, especially when starting out. Stick with getting used to the up/down throttle stick. Next you'll want to play with the right directional stick. Get a feel for it by gently moving it in all of the directions, one at a time. Not too fast, this sucker is testy! You'll notice that it turns on a dime. Unfortunately this model is slow to move forward and backwards. So don't get frustrated.

After you get comfortable with the movements, start looking around the room for landing areas. Visualize yourself successfully landing on an object. I chose an empty table and the box it came in. It takes a while because the Mosquito isn't very accurate. It's a slow process, but it can be done. Another important thing to remember is that any R/C heli reacts differently depending on how close it is to a surface. The heli, like a hovercraft creates a blanket of air with it's downward thrust. The higher away it is from the ground, the more thrust it will need for lift, visa versa. So going from a mid-air flight to crossing over a table top will temporarily jar it's movements and throw it off a bit. You'll especially notice this when you get too close to objects in mid-flight.

Once you master a toy like this, you can start looking into more expensive models. The Mosquito is a 3 channel heli, meaning it can go up/down, turn left/right and go forwards and backwards. More advanced models with 6 channels can act like the real deal. Go sideways and even flown upside down!

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