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ing Tips & Tools Monthly, Issue #91--Dog Days
August 15, 2014
Aug. 15, 2014

Dog Days Slow Down Scale Modeling

Happens every year. Summer just gets into full swing, we get past the Fourth and settle into the dog days and guess what.

Scale modeling takes the back seat in a big way as we set it aside for something better. But you can just about stand a few days at the beach, the mountains aren't that much cooler, so how can we keep an oar in the water (so to speak) and still please the family. In an word...


This is a form of intellectual investigation that forms the basis for future modeling projects and can take you far beyond the confines of your computer's search engine or the silence of the local library (good for rainy day research). How about a trip to the site of your planned model's prototype or a reasonable facsimile where you can snap pictures, take measurements of details and discuss the history and/or current environment with local caretakers, or other visitors.

This kind of firsthand visit can bring immeasurable detail to your upcoming modeling project by seeing the real colors, the effects of weathering and real life dents and dings.

For instance, suppose you want to build a WOW model of a WWII Consolidated B-24 Liberator and you find there's only one left in the world in Smyrna Beach, FL and you can't get there from here. Maybe it will come to you

Mirrors Expand Small Space

Mirrors can be great space savers in a small space, and if used carefully can fool the most critical eye

The great master of mirrors was John Allen. Google "gorre & daphetid" and you will find a lot in his books.

Basically when using a mirror you have to avoid your own reflection and find plausible excuses to hide the side edges ( easy) and the top one ( not that easy).

John's mirrors were usually placed between structures joined by some kind of walkway. He modeled just half of the buildings, the rest being the reflected image. Also he placed vehicles and figures, painted different colors on the visible side and the reflected one, so they would look like two different ones. Also the thickness of the mirror has to be added to the equation, because thicker ones add some aberration that is detrimental to the effect.

Here is one:

look carefully, the mirror is where the rail gap is.

Here is another one. Go find it!:

my favorite mirror use is in a diorama of a boat mill:

this boat mill is an unusual diorama and the use of a mirror isn't the easiest thing to spot. Go here for details.

What's Your Endgame, Start Planning

Every day, I read something online that decries the current state of America. We have veered off course, morality is lost, patriotism is embraced by a handful, liberties grow increasingly restricted, and the world is turning against Christians.

While these may be true in varying degrees, fear and defeat are not in God’s wheelhouse. Last week, our pastor pointed out how on the day of Christ’s death, the disciples’ hopes were crushed…on THAT day, the day of God’s greatest victory for mankind. Sometimes it takes time for our spiritual eyes to adjust. Where is God’s victory today? What part can we have in it

for decades, the world has been in the last seat of a roller coaster, tumbling from side to side one moment, upright the next. just in time for the next upside down run. but God continues to move, His word stands. even if they are atop Mount Sinjar, Christians continue to live with Christ in their hearts.

As bleak as it looks, God continues to unfurl His plan, God can turn the blackest heart, even if it is a black-hooded Jihadist out to eliminate everyone who won't convert. look what He did with Egyptian's Pharaoh at the behest of Moses.

We have to see life through God’s eyes, through the eyes of an uncompromised endgame.

Normandy Invasion Captured In Diorama(s)

The Normandy. invasion during WWII is not often the scene of dioramas, perhaps because it was so massive, over a half million died from both sides.

I had a Flickr photo cross my desk the other day which not only showed the landing, but also what was happening beneath the surface.

Ramesh Bishop of Modelcrafters captured in perfectly.

here is one photo, but to do the scene justice, check out his other 20 photos.

Ending on a Happy/untimely moment

I wanted to end this issue on sort of a sad and happy note.

I just heard about the death and probable suicide of Robun Williams at 63. He was responsible for many a belly laugh.

One of my favorites is a little dated, but it was him and Jonathan Winters on the Johnnie Carson show

. It's short enough enjoy

Until Next Month

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