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ing Tips & Tools Monthly, Issue #069-Modeling Air
September 15, 2012
September15, 2012

Issue Dedication:

A Real Paper Tiger In Scale Modeling

I would like to dedicate this issue to one of the first real person paper modelers to come on the scene, Chip Fyn who was Fiddlers Green, the largest collection of paper models in the world.

Fiddlers Green has been one of those online mainstays in modeling, dedicated to modeling almost any subject, completely from paper. I never knew Chip personally, but he was well known among modelers of every ilk and he taught me a lot about modeling structures in paper.

But perhaps his son, Scott, in a recent email to customers put it best:

"My father believed in hard work and dedication, and he worked harder than any man I have ever known, but he also believed that you don't need to sacrifice your freedom for your job as long as you love your work. Fiddlers Green is proof of that and it is a testament to what a man can offer the world, and to what the world can offer in return.

He got everything he wanted from life with pure blind persistence and I could tell by his smile over the past few years that he had achieved what he defined as success. It wasn't millions of dollars or power over others. Neither was it a wild life of excess and waste. It was the strength with others to get by on only what you need for now so that you can build what you imagine and leave behind a world that is better for you having been a part of it. This, I assure you, he did.

He would have lived forever, if he could, for just one purpose, and he would have been satisfied forever bringing Fiddlers Green to you, his model'n pals, those who have supported him, encouraged him, laughed and cried with him, lived and died with him, ever since I was just a boy. But sadly, he knew his time had outlasted his luck."

Could we all have such a tribute from our sons.

Modeling Air, Well, At Least He's On The Air

Every now and then you run across a guy who has too much to do, but he still finds time to create a model or two just to keep his oar in. Such a person is Gerald "Hawkeye" Voight in Neenah, WI who runs a website called Hawkeye's and a syndicated radio prrogram, "The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour." That's Hawkeye, left, decked out for an evening's broadcast of the Plastic Scale Modelers Hour which actually covers almost anything dealing with scale modeling.He has covered everything from Dioramas that teach to BIG Scale Helicopter modeling (1/4 of full sized).

Back on Aug. 2, just a month ago, The Plastic Scale Modelers Hour moved out from under the Warbird Radio umbrella where it was a live broadcast. "One of the changes that I’ve always hand in mind for The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour is open it up to include all categories of this diverse hobby…not just Aircraft but Ships, Automotive, Armor, SciFi, Figures and Real Space…etc. The current theme of Warbird Radio is of course military aviation which limits us to primarily to the aviation/aircraft category of scale modeling, Hawkeye explained. Hawkeye has so many irons in the fire the past few years and you are liable to find him at any of them:

Hyperscale - HawkeyeV

ARC - Hawkeye's Hobbies

FSM - Hawkeye's Hobbies

Aeroscale - HawkeyeV

Modeling Madness - Hawkeye's Hobbies

IPMS-Steve Wittman, Oskhosh Wisconsin

IPMS-R.I. Bong, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Twitter -

that scale modeling projects of his own have taken a back seat, at least temporarily.

Voigt served in the United States Air Force where he worked in various specialties, first being Security Police and last in Logistics. Since returning to the civilian world he has worked in logistical, manufacturing, service, marketing and retailing. "This has given me a very diverse and useful educational background to apply as I work towards my future and its goals," he added.

Under the Warbird umbrella, Hawkeye's program was live and since syndication is recorded.. Most of the interview are over the phone in a one-to-one conversation.

Among his early modeling-related interests was operation of Hawkeye's Hobbies LLC, a manufacturer of natural paint metal finishes.

"Through this website and my radio show I will continue to share my passion for scale modeling and promote it as a hobby.. This site will also contain helpful tips, techniques, how-to’s, stories, videos, and editorials about our hobby and industry, said Hawkeye.

iPd Has Advanages For Researchers

Just a simple thing like research can get you in trouble in the online world and staying diligent, even while searching will pay great dividends.

I was recently looking for a good ship building resource (I have come to prefer articles) but a "Ship Modeling DVD set"' now that intrigued me, just one click, that won't hurt...

I knew I was in trouble when a big, bold. UNSAFE appeared in the lower right quadrant of the page.

I keep forgetting, I'm on my iPad, four of the safest words on the Internet.

That's right, the iPad picked Apple's aversion to viruses, malware and all of the other sicko attacks that plague my PC.

So, I don't need to do a panic page change when I see I have landed on a links page with many inviting, yet frequently misspelled, or grammatically unfit phrases.

So, if you are on an iPad and you click on one of those dodgy emails, there is no real risk.

Code simply can not execute from Safari iPad (Clicking on a link executes code) and 99% of the time, these nefarious characters are writing viruses for the larger market, Windows PCs.

If you have the opportunity do your researching and surfing from an iPad.

How Did That Wheelchair Get There?

This remarkable photo was shot during a mountain excursion reported in out sister website, Getting a view like that from a wheelchair is not an easy job.

It is the story of a 31-year-old double amputee who went for a hike; to the 19,000 foot "Roof of Africa", Mount Kilimanjaro. ne thing that separate's this climb from others, it was hands only!

It's a quick read and well worth the trip, you can come right back, no Spam.

Give it a Read

Are Dioramas A Dying Art Form?

My piece de resistance in scale modeling happens to be the diorama which some feel is fading from the scene as fewer and fewer actually get built.

Storage, or more accurately display space is a major limiting factor. The average diorama I have built takes a volumetric space of 18"X18"X18".

Sure, there are many such cubes in a 12x8 man cave, but life without a bed and a desk ain't all it's cracked up to be.

I came to the conclusion that storing completed models was not going to be my overall goal, I am far more interested in the build process. I like taking a standard model of, say, Revell's 1/700th Tirpitz battleship and turning it into a winter fjord display. This warship spent most of its time in fjords of Norway where it met its demise.

The Tirpitz was terminated by bomber attacks after being "softened up" by British mini subs that placed a couple bombs beneath the German behemoth's keel.

That is the exact scene I wanted to render scratch building the mini-sub, the fjord's cliffs and a see-through ocean.

Believe it or not, it all fit neatly on a single shelf of a three-level corner bookcase.

So Many Models So Little Space

One of the problems of being a committed scale modeler in the 21st century is an over abundance of subjects to model whether we are talking detailed kits or scratch building materials, and the time to devote to a new build.

This comes with Multiple Sclerosis, time for modeling, even research and planning, is readily available.  The flip side, I have learned a lot through modeling which I never learned in school or through life experiences.

An example, the War of 1812. The only thing I remembered was someone wrote an overture about it which is played by the Boston Pops every July 4.

I came across and am presently building a model of the US Eagle, a 117' brig built in Vergennes, VT in less than 20 days to route the British from Lake Champlain.

The Eagle was instrumental in the devastating battle with the British near Plattsburgh, NY leading to the British defeat.

Having been born and brought up in Vermont, it is surprising how little of the local history we retain. Sorry Mr, Ryan.

The Road Ahead

I am looking at a lot of exciting changes this coming summer. It promises to be one of my favorites as I look back over seven decades. This reminds me of the utter foolishness of teen suicide.

My wife and I are moving into our own Condo after a decade of renting (I know, the rent alone would have paid for it). We're excited by the prospect (a garage in snow country is a big deal).

I have launched my new website all about my  experiences with mobility scooters. You can bet it is another SiteBuildIt site Check it out:

Your Help and Ideas Needed
To Expand SMH Idea Base

Making daily decisions involving for the past 62 months has led to the creation of over 425 pages of articles on the various facets of scale modeling, this monthly e-zine and a host of modeling questions answered.

As we get ready to embark on our fifth year, I am hoping to open the site up to input from other scale modelers. You may have noticed the Navigation Bar has been sub-divided into the major hobbies covered.

Each of these sections now has one or two pages that invite participation with questions, tips and pictures regarding your various modeling endeavors.

We want to hear from you as do the other 25,000 modelers who log onto this site monthly.

As I get ready to roll into my 73rd year, I can’t believe how much I have learned about hobby activities In the past two years. I have heard from other modelers with similar experiences.

To help me develop and maintain my website your comments on its content are essential. You can send me your comments by visiting the “Voice Your Opinion” feature at the top of the Navigation stack in the left column on each page.

It was never my intention to make this website a one way street as my knowledge is no where deep enough for me to be termed an “Authority”. I hunger for your feedback, comments, ideas, tutorials, plans, pictures and even your negative comments if considered constructive.

The Internet and that includes work best when they are interactive and that is collaboration only you can provide. It has been a pleasure serving as your guide for these past two years and by no means am I throwing in the towel, for I honestly believe the building and maintaining of this website are instrumental in keeping my mind active.

I want to open up this site in the fast lane. That is your part of the two-way street.

Its In Your Best Interest

If you have been giving some thought to launching your own home business in 2010, it is worth your time to take a look at what I found:

Steps To Success

Until Next Month

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