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Scale Modeling Tips & Tools Monthly, Issue #041-- "New Scale Modeling Concepts"
May 15, 2010
May 15, 2010

New Scale Modeling Concepts
Use New Technology

Scale modelers as a type are not often called on to BETA new technology even though most of the new products introduced today have gone through some modeling stage. It takes time for new ideas to creep into the modeling scene, but when they do, watch out!

In the last couple of years, cell phone technology has increased in quality and decreased in size and weight, to the point they can easily be strapped onto your scale model (preferably one that moves) to snag pictures or videos with a unique perspective, as the scale model pilot, race car driver, or railroad engineer might see the scene.

It all depends on your cell phone risk appreciation.

Often, what can be depicted in model form or in this case, flown as an RC model can end up as a full-sized passenger plane.

The Boeing Co., NASA and the AAir Force Research lab take this route in developing cutting edge, experimental aircraft like the X48B BWB. It is still in prototype, but it could evolve into a more complex model.

Picture above is the 21-foot wingspan “model” weighing in at 500 pounds. It is remotely flown. For its first six test flights the miniature RC plane behaved flawlessly.

One of the latest cutting-edge experimental aircraft, or X-Planes, the X-48B BWB is a collaborative effort of the Boeing Co., NASA's Fundamental Aeronautics Program and the Air Force Research Laboratory.

Keep in mind it’s still in the prototype phase and it can evolve into a more complex model. For now, it has a 21-foot wingspan, weighs 500 pounds and is remotely piloted, being designed to demonstrate the viability of the blended wing shape.


Fastest RC Car: 
It took six months to build at over $4,000, but Nic Case's Schumacher MI3, nick-named The Pocket Rocket  uses an 11 horsepower RC motor to jet down a raceway at over 161 miles per hour..

Making Video Games Realistic

One of the neatest geek games to come out of CES this year was a remotely-controlled helicopter controlled over WiFi from an iPhone using a camera in its snout to transmit its aerial view to the phone’s screen.

The copter is computer-stabilized, so it is much more easily controlled r than the standard $40 toy RC helicopter you may be familiar with. But it should be: it'll cost in the neighborhood of $500, when it ships this year. You'll get about 15 minutes of battery-powered fun on a one-hour charge.

If you stop and think about the possibilities, the A.R. Drone from Parrot in France can transform video gaming from the couch to the outdoors, from make believe to reality. Without the buttons, toggles and thumb pads of a controller.

You simply tilt your iPhone to control the copter and touch controls send it up or down.. Simple enough for a child and a lot more active form of gaming.

Possible games range from the single player demo robot type where you fly the plane in front of virtual enemies to multiple pilot pylon racing. There are endless possibilities as long as you keep the aircraft within 150 feet of the iPhone. Otherwise it fails to advance and simply hovers until you get within range or close enough to land it safely.

New Car Model For This Year

Daimler has released the 2010 Mercedes E Class Cabrio scale model which is available in three sizes: 1:87, 1:43 and 1:18. The 2010 Mercedes E Class Cabrio scale model is available in various color combinations and should be available in showrooms.

The 2010 Mercedes E Class Cabrio scale model price starts at 15.90 EUR for the 1:87 which is manufactured by Busch in Viernheim and comes in non-metallic black, iridium silver metallic and calcite white. The price goes up to 28 EUR for the 1:43 made by Schuco of Furth which is available in stannite grey, fire opal or indigolite blue.

The bigger 1:18 model is priced from 59.90 EUR

Make Your Modeling Renown

NEW TOOLING! The Renown was originally a WWI battle cruiser.

In the 1930's however, she was reconstructed greatly changing her appearance and giving her a modern anti-aircraft gun battery, much enhanced aircraft-handling facilities, and up-to-date gunfire controls including the HACS MkIV AA fire control system and the Admiralty Fire Control Table Mk VII for surface fire control of the main armament.

This Trumpeter kit consists of 288 parts on 10 sprues plus upper and lower hulls, waterline plate and stand. Includes 2 Walrus Mk I aircraft. Completed kit measures over 13" long.

All of the parts are bagged with one or two sprues per bag. The waterline hull and lower hull are bundled together with a soft foam wrap which holds them together securely and this is in a plastic bag for protection against scratches. The box is big enough to make unpacking and repacking the parts a snap.

The instructions are black and white, printed on white paper in a booklet style which measures 10 ½” x 7 ¾”. There are two pages devoted to the sprue layouts of the parts. The instructions are clear, simple and well clearly diagrammed so that none of the assembly steps are overly cluttered.

There is a nice color painting and marking guide printed on glossy paper with paints listed for Mr. Hobby, Vallejo, Model Master, Tamiya and Humbrol. Some of the colors listed, however, do not have a matching color equivalent for all the brands so you’re going to have to do a little research depending on the brand of paint you use.

The camouflage scheme is complex and will take some care and patience to paint. Careful studying of the painting guide will help. There is no rigging guide so if you want to do the rigging you’re going to have to do some research and come up with a game plan.

Tiger Moth For Indoor-Outdoor Flying

One of the newest RC Electrics from Great Planes Model Manufacturing is the “Electrifly” de Havillan Tiger Moth for either indoor or outdoor (light winds) flying. This is a three-piece foamy biplane.

The Tiger Moth is constructed primarily of ProFormance foam, a 3mm extruded polystyrene foam. Unique to this particular foam is the way that details, like ribbing, are molded right into the foam.

These foam details, along with other scale details like windscreens and plastic fuselage details, contribute to a semi-detailed and scale little lightweight foamy biplane.

The twin cockpits feature pre-installed instrument panel graphics and a pair of two dimensional pilot caricatures. Add the optional wing rigging, which is nothing more than black thread that most builders will have lying around the house already, and the end result is a quick building little biplane that pops when in the air!

Limited Modeling Space?
Add Versatility To Your Cutting

Designed for the hobbyist with limited shop space, this well-made, versatile machine combines a sturdy, variable-speed, full function scroll saw with a flexible shaft attachment compatible with hundreds of Dremel-type accessories.

I'm thinking of making space for this one. I have some complicated cutting coming up, my wife is looking for a small power saw and I can get a lot of use out of the flexible tool shaft.

Features Include:

• 16 inch throat depth and metal frame to accommodate large workpieces

• Variable speed for cutting wood, metal and plastic

• Tool-less blade holder for fast, easy blade changes

• Uses 5 inch long pin-end or pin-less blades (with included adapter)

• Blade can be turned 90 degrees for infinite cutting length

• Power-take-off for 42 inch flex shaft (included)

• Integrated flex-arm lamp for fantastic cutting line visibility from all angles

• 10 inch wide x 16-1/4 inch long cast-aluminum table with smoothly-finished work surface tilts up to 45 degrees and provides sturdy support and effortless movement of workpieces

• Self-powered blower clears dust from the cutting line

• Vacuum port

• Includes starter set of blades, blade holder, drill bit and wrenches

Your Help and Ideas Needed
To Expand SMH Idea Base

Making daily decisions involving for the past 35 months has led to the creation of over 375 pages of articles on the various facets of scale modeling, this monthly e-zine and a host of modeling questions answered.

As we get ready to embark on our third year, I am hoping to open the site up to input from other scale modelers. You may have noticed the Navigation Bar has been sub-divided into the major hobbies covered.

Each of these sections now has one or two pages that invite participation with questions, tips and pictures regarding your various modeling endeavors.

We want to hear from you as do the other 25,000 modelers who log onto this site monthly.

As I get ready to roll into my 71st year, I can’t believe how much I have learned about hobby activities In the past two years. I have heard from other modelers with similar experiences.

To help me develop and maintain my website your comments on its content are essential. You can send me your comments by visiting the “Voice Your Opinion” feature at the top of the Navigation stack in the left column on each page.

It was never my intention to make this website a one way street as my knowledge is no where deep enough for me to be termed an “Authority”. I hunger for your feedback, comments, ideas, tutorials, plans, pictures and even your negative comments if considered constructive.

The Internet and that includes work best when they are interactive and that is collaboration only you can provide. It has been a pleasure serving as your guide for these past two years and by no means am I throwing in the towel, for I honestly believe the building and maintaining of this website are instrumental in keeping my mind active.

I want to open up this site in the fast lane. That is your part of the two-way street.

Its In Your Best Interest

If you have been giving some thought to launching your own home business in 2010, it is worth your time to take a look at what I found:

Steps To Success

Until Next Month

Make It Your Best Effort!

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