A Handy Template for Painting Wheels

If you like to build Armor Models then you know what a pain getting nice looking wheels can be. As a beginning modeler let me tell you that my first hand painted wheels were, to be real generous, were really ugly. So, when in doubt, look online. There I found several how-to's and different methods of painting wheels. Using a circle template seemed the way to go so like the Yank I am I went to the local store and picked up a 1/32nd draftsman template. It had circles on it that fit new car wheels I think.

The theory was good but the end results were just a small step above my hand painting quality. 1/32nd's just didn't fit snug. Of course I realized somewhat belatedly the models are foreign and thus would be in millimeters. Most would know this right off the bat but no, not me.

No trudging to the local store to look for a MM circle template for me. Instead I looked on the Internet and found what I believe to be the perfect guide for wheels. It's a Timely No. T-89M Metric Small Increment Circles. It starts at 1MM which I think is for 1/200 Battleship Rivets to 30MM. From 1MM to 12MM it goes by 1/4ths and from 12MM to 25MM by halves and the rest, 25MM to 30MM by whole MM's. So far I have found a perfect fit for every wheel within the 11-22MM range.

Unless your hand is as steady as a Surgeon's this Circle Guide is a really good way to go for wheels of all sorts.

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