A penny (or two, or three) for your thoughts

by Mike Sloane
(United States)

With regard to the Black Widow model, I built it decades ago and put some pennies behind the radar unit. I like the idea of the washers + magnet.

Now here is my question: the plane was painted all black, so how do you plan to show it off? I wasn't able to obtain a photo that showed anything but a black blob.

SMH Responds Finally, a use for pennies. Seriously, Mike that was a good idea. How many could you get in there.

As far as displaying the model goes, I am relying on light(s) and contrast. I am putting together a diorama like Shep Paine's using a very light colored sand airstrip, a pulled engine and the 20mm cannons laying across  a table being cleaned and modified.

It will occupy the third shelf of a corner bookcase with a light blue background.

I am going to use a couple of these Ned LED mini overheads to highlight areas like the cockpit and the gun table. I am also painting the workmen in contrasting colors. I'll add pictures here and on the website when it is finished.

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