Bailey's Produce Is Easy Build In N Scale

This kit will Save Time and Money in populating your N Scale layout and you can most likely build it from materials you have on hand.

You can download the building components at: Evans Designs Model Builder

These instructions will guide you through the process:


1. Print this sheet one and two on 50-pound cardstock or tri-fold brochure paper.
2. Using a straight edge and Snap Blade Utility Knife, cut out the above separate pieces and cut inside the black lines to create equal roof slopes.
3. Lightly scrape all wall edges with the side of a pencil point to eliminate stark white edges.
4. Spray the backsides of these pieces with 3M Super 77 adhesive.
5. Carefully press each piece to a 3-inch wide sheet of 1/16th Balsa Wood.
6. Using straight edge and knife, cut out all pieces, there should be 10.
7. Accurately sand all vertical edges to a 45-degree angle. Jig Headquarters


1. Produce eight right angle triangles from 3/16th inch stock:


2. Now assemble four wall pieces--the front, back and two largest end walls. The four-window wall attaches to the right end of the front wall and the fan end of the back wall. The five-window wall butts to the opposite end of the fan wall and to a point directly opposite on the front wall to form a square. Check with a square gluing jig and let dry.
3. Attach narrow end wall to left end of front wall and insert triangle. Remaining wall section extends from shed end and butts against the five-window wall. Insert a triangle into shed end corner.
4. Attach end shed wall between the two sides so 45-degree angles come together in right angles. Cut a piece of 3/16th stock to fit the back of the Bay face and add two bay side walls. Bay is glued to the right end wall so its window is aligned with its second story window.
5. Use magnets (See Jig Headquarters) to brace all walls and let cure 3-6 hours.

Roofing Instructions:

Roofing of Bailey’s Produce is best done after walls have been assembled and stabilized. If what you have completed at this point is not up to your standards please download again and start over from Sheet 1.

The roofing has been cut oversized to allow for an overhanging roof or trimmed smaller to fit inside the walls.
Cut the roofing pieces (except smallest three) from the sheet to your meet requirements and mount on 32-pound paper (cereal box material) with 3M Super 77 spray adhesive.

Roofing for this structure does not require large spans so should not require internal support but you can use strip wood glued lengthwise across the longest span for added security.
Install a ridge pole between 5-window wall and the opposite wall.

1. Longest roof section fits between front wall lip and ridge pole and the next largest in size fits opposite. The smaller section goes opposite the narrow end of the main roof.
2. The shed roof is the longest of the remaining is the shed roof . The gable roof and the bay roof are cut from two of the remaining roof pieces.
3. To cut the bay roof, fold in half and place over bay section. Fold each of the inner sides to fit against main roof slope and cut along folds. Once trimmed to the correct size, glue to cardboard and score inside along ridge line.
4. Apply weathered 1/8th inch ridge cap over ridge line of both main roof sections

Loading Dock Assembly

1. Cut dock supports from the sheet and mount on Balsa support material and glue together with square corners to fit under dock decking sheet.
2. Fit deck to support walls with no overlap and glue with PVA adhesive.
3. Center Bailey’s Produce on deck leaving room for barrels, crates, pallets and other loading dock “furniture”.

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