Did the Ttitanic get a little help, sinking?

by John

EDIT, this is john from clothing for big and tall

One of my favourite conspiracy theories is the notion that the Titanic was sunk on purpose.

I never paid too much attention to the story of the Titanic until I read a story about the federal banking law in the United States.

Apparently, and do correct me when I am wrong!

The law to institute the FED (Federal Reserve Bank) was strongly opposed. As matter of fact there there were a lot more Senators against than for the law.

Now this allegedly happened.

Quite a few Senators had gotten the invitation to visit Europa. As a special feat they were invited to return to the USA on the on a new ship, for FREE! in full luxury.

The unsinkable ship with the best captain, who had crossed the same route for the past 35 years was called TITANIC.

All the politicians invited on the TITANIC were against the proposed FED law proposal.

The captain ordered the TITANIC to FULL speed through an area where he, with his experience, should have known that there were icebergs.

None of the American politicians made it back and the law passed.

These are just one or two facts I have fouind, try to find more on the net.

anyway this story made me curious about the Titanic.

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