Don't throw in the towel

by Bob
(Palmdale, CA)

I am ashamed. Thirty years ago I began by purchasing the Artisania Latina Kit of the "Harvey". I began putting the bulkheads together at my kitchen table. Then I attached the deck substrate. Wow! I was on my way. After I got that part done I began to smooth and shape the bulkheads to the proper curvature for the strakes.

And then the trouble began. I was using a mini power sander to do the shaping. My then wife, Debbie, could not stand the sound of the sander and forced me to stop. BTW, two years later we separated and eventually divorced. It was not a marriage made in heaven.

Over the next 28 years I have gone back to the Harvey time and time again, but failed to go any further on the build.
Since 1987 I have acquired a number of other kits and all of the tools of the trade. But my terrible experience with Debbie has "messed up" my head and I have not gone further.
I am seeing a "shrink" and hoping to start modeling again.

I was a member of the Ship Modelers Association of Southern California, SMA for short, and attended meetings for many years. But it's a 190 mile round trip and I have not been a member for a few years now.

I am 77 years old now, but not too old to start again. I just hope I can find the mental strength and the faith to begin again. It's never too late.


Old Man Bob

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May 22, 2015
Almost the same, but different
by: Reg

About a year ago I shelved my model of the U.S. Essex, the 36-gun frigate built in 1799 in Vermont. I got in trouble about two years ago shaping the strakes and getting the cannon holes correct. I had the feeling I ruined it. I even tried the electric sander to smooth the bow to no avail. It never seemed to bother my wife, I have been blessed in that respect for 43 years. We were cleaning out my room and I threw away several models, I just couldn't part with the Essex. I am 76 and dealing with MS.

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