by Vince
(Barcelona, Spain )

About 20 years ago I bought a wooden model kit of the USS Constellation. At that time I got as far as putting the frames in place on the false keel, the various deck sections. Now after all this time, and retired I decided to get into building it. The planks that were affixed were warped and need done with careful diligence. I decided to remove them, and in do so some of the nIls are embedded in some of the frames. I have ordered and received new planks and Artesania Latino's plank bending kit. I have sanded down all the rough spots and each frame, but see there is an unevenness in several places for some of the frames. So, before I get the new planks going, I want to know if you think and if so how how best to salvage the e siting frames. If you honestly think that is likely to do, then I MprepRed to replace parts # 1 thru 36, which is almost $100. See the photos I have added to this email.

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