James Cameron made me want to learn more

by Amy
(Bay Area, CA)

In 1997 when Titanic was released to theaters, I knew this movie would be good. I was familiar with the tragic history, and having the story of the Titanic set to a fictional movie sounded intriguing.

What I loved most about the movie was the grand scale portrayed. You really get a sense of how immense this ship was and also how the classes of people were divided. The lavishness of the Titanic is palatial!

The combination of the star of the movie (the ship herself) and the love story between Jack and Rose touched me so much - the humanity of all the people and the emotions you feel during the dramatic sinking - made me see that movie in the theater FOUR times. You simply cannot achieve that sense of immensity anywhere else but on a movie screen.

I also enjoyed the documentary Cameron came out with a few years later called Ghosts of the Abyss. To see what the Titanic looks like resting in her watery grave after all these years is an amazing journey, but a sad one that deserves respect.

The best way to respect those lives lost on the Titanic is to learn the lessons the voyage has shown us.

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