Just me with a weathering tip

by mike

You notice on rusted pipe like exhaust one's the surface has become rough due to heat and weather and what not. The best way I've found to simulate that texture is brush on liquid cement and then use baking soda,sprinkle it on and then blow off the excess, when dry paint as usual and wa-la texture on pipe (or anything thing else you need textured in like mannner).

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Nov 02, 2011
Chippin' paint?
by: SONARman

I've heard similar techniques but never used them because I'm AFRAID to ruin the finish. Similar to this, though, I'vre HEARD of using baking soda and/or salt sprinkled on a wet/water surface: paint when dried to a 'crust', then brush off with a brush for 'chipped' paint/sludge build-up? But I'm too chicken to try - maybe now I'll find some old junk plastic to experiment - let me know if any of this getz resultz?

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