M26 Pershing, American Nazi Killer

by John Raney
(Somerset KY.)

Although this tank was classified as a medium tank, it was very effective against the much larger and slower enemy tanks of its day. With its 90 mm gun it was well equipped at out maneuvering the enemy and had little trouble eliminating its target.

SMH Responds Nice work.

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Feb 01, 2016
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Sep 18, 2015
Pershing - Black Jack/'21' NEW

The Pershing was truly a Great tank - set standards for many 'modern day' tanks - and out-classes a lot of them in it's basic design - put some chobham armor on one of these babies and it would even still kick Russian T-90 butt with a few upgrades. Great tank. Great subject for armor modeling - I'm gonna get one some day ...make it look like it just got out of the Tank wash and Tank-shop... polish the tracks, put all the parade stencils on it - then hit it with some dirt...

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