Matt Dillon

Dear Reg, I am in the habit of purchasing tools and helpful items from around the world's modelling community but what really bugs me is that when I order stuff from America the price doubles due to postage. This then makes it an expensive item. Only the other day I seen some clamps I have searched Australia for, (they were here when I didn't need them),in the Model Expo catalogue so purchased them but noted that they cost 39.95 US and postage was 39.+ US. Is the mail service between countries really that costly or is that more profit. It happened once before with brass rods I ordered but I put that down to weight. Maybe someone has some tip on cheaper postage.

Ah ends of the shipping pipeline and can tell you this is not a profit center. When I shipped a model to a customer in Russia I lost money. There is also Duty and Customs to say nothing of the need for sturdier packaging.

You have given me a good idea for an article so keep reading.

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