Rigging the Cap'n Kidd Pirate Galleon

by Ray
(Indinapolis, IN)

I am trying to rig the Lindberg Cap'n Kidd Pirate Galleon. The rigging instructions are unreadable. Does any one have a detailed rigging instruction sheet that can actually be read or know where I can get some ideas on how to properly rig this ship.

Thanks Ray

SMH Responds-
Your question's timing is excellent with the turn-around cruise of the USS Constitution yesterday and an increasing interest in modeling "Tall Ships, unfortunately this interest doesn't extend to pirate's galleons.

There is no standardized & enforced 'official' Galleon design, sail and mast setup, size, armament, etc. The word is a general description of a type of ship, nothing more specific than that.

There are some pretty good photos in Google images (search galleon) which can give you some real help in picking colors and deck furniture. These details, properly executed,  can give your model real interest.

As far as the rigging is concerned, keep it simple and rely on the deck furnishings to carry the scene.

Rely on forward and aft lookout towers or crows nest to add intriguing look.

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