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i recently bought model 1/96 uss constitution from ebay only to find out that it was half built and missing every last rigging block. :

how do i get rigging block replacements, and into the hull of the ship without riping the decks and cannons apart?

SMH RespondsI am assuming since you are talking about "getting into the hull" you are talking about Revel's Plastic kit Product ID: 85-0398.

There is a parts request form at:

The first part of your question has multiple answers. I assume there are both no blocks and no deadeyes. If I remember right the Connie has single and double blocks in addition to the deadeyes your best bet is to contact Revel direct in Germany, tell them you lost the blocks and deadeyes and ask for replacements. They are usually pretty good about this, but it is there decision.

There is a form at: I have never had a problem getting one or two parts replaced, but you are talking about close to 1,000. They may charge you. Be glad to pay it. To buy them on the open market, you'll find they are $3 or $4 I lots of 20.

Your second problem "getting into the hull" may well be more difficult. If the original purchaser use Testor's adhesive, the parts are bonded together. This adhesive actually melts the plastic and the parts co-mingle. The bond will not come apart without snapping the pieces apart breaking the section.

If you absolutely must get inside I would advise having a friend fill out the same form and asking Revel to replace the hull pieces and the deck. Most of the cannons are pre-molded to the deck.

In al honestly, you may be better going back to eBay and bidding on another one. It is always better to have too many parts than not enough.

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Feb 12, 2013
Ship Troubles NEW
by: Anonymous

Ship models ARE 'trouble' - but they're also the BEST.

I agree - ask Revell for replacement parts- they're pretty good. Send 'em a picture or two. They've ALWAYS sent me replacements, stickers that I've asked for for nothing. So I keep buying their kits and have a number of nice aircraft completed. Tell them your model club suggested it. Write a handwritten note - pretend you are 12? You'll get the parts-- I'll wager sprues-

I think the idea of getting the hulls and using what you have for 'spares' and all is a very good one, too. Ships always have extra stuff.

I also highly recommend you search the internetfor art on your ship. Also, if your kit has vaCU-FORMED/PLASTIC SAILS, I recommend using the plastic ones as 'forms': use wet paper and elmer's glue (TM) thinned about 75% with water and plaster the wet paper over the plastic forms, apply thinned Elmer's Glue and allow to dry overnight. The 'paper' sails will 'pop' off the plastic 'mold', and thus formed ate waaay better looking - you can also use 'parchment' paper, colorful 'sails' printed from the internet...and you can even color them with colored pencils for 'special effect'. Plus, being paper, you can do them over/try different stuff. Very cool and CHEAP. Variety of 'sail motifs'- furled, unfurling, full wind .... The Plastic ones are hard to rig,paper you can 'thread' easily- and if you mess up [ships need work ...] you can 're-do' the paper ones over and over at any time you like for a 'change' - furled, un-furled, stowed ...with the Jolly Roger plastered on them - stripes ... HaVE FUN.

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