Why would you dilute any chance of raising a good point ...???

by Anonymous
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Why would you dilute any chance of raising a good point with even a mention of Global Warming/DiCaprio/Gore. If all you see re. the Global Warming controversy is a tit-for-tat political argument, then you have literally killed any credibility that you may have in any subject(s)that you discuss, across the board. The extortion/fraud, the obviously transparent hidden-agenda(s), and the raping of the once-dependable Scientific Method that was used to support this horrific process has ironically had an inverse-effect of even the basic motivations such as the one you bring-up above. If doing even the basics of recycling i.e. those used and supported from 1975-2000 has a chance at continuing forward, you and others had better cease and desist from even MENTIONING those criminals and their scheme within the same universe....

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Aug 20, 2015
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Oct 28, 2011
Too Much Plastic
by: Reg Hardy

I care not for politics when it comes to doing something positive about the environment. I see for myself the number of plastic items my wife and I go through.

I try to coral some for modeling purposes, but I'm afraid I don't make a dent.

I further see the results of plastic items showing up in the stomach contents of dead birds and strings of these plastic bottles circling the globe.

This is not caring for our planet or for its occupants.

You can sit and moan about the politics of these matters or try to do something constructive.

For a while, at least, the choice is yours.

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