N-scale Rebirth Promises Action-On-A-Shelf

Getting back into N Scale modeling allows me to get the most rail action in the confined space offered by apartment living. Besides, the VP of Finance and ROW acquisition has approved the planning and environmental impact statement for the project.

To date I have been granted the necessary easements and have filed papers for a shore land protection permit. I have met the National Ambient Air Quality Standards Review. (Coastal waterways will be solid and windows are available for out gassing).

The N.H. Department of Environmental Services, Waste Management Division has granted a Limited Permit assuring compliance with Hazardous Waste Rules. (There is a wastebasket in the room).

The project has been found to be in compliance with both the Mercury and Dioxin Reduction Strategies of the DES Environmental Management Systems.

No wonder new prototype railroads are not being built!

The rail plan and financial assessment for the Turtle Bog and Rockland Navigation Co. has been filed and approved.

As president, I am responsible for Motive power, Rolling Stock acquisition on the rail side and all matters pertaining to acquiring, crewing and docking, for the ocean fleet. I have found sources for late model steam and diesel switchers but long-haul schooners and fast "rum running" boats present a problem that may delay sea-going operations.

The TB&RNC is a fictional line servicing a fictional coastal community centered on a breakwater-protected harbor. Its main industries are robust limekiln operations and a growing lobster trapping trade. Both require rail and boat services.

TB&RNC is a line extending from a small port just south of Portsmouth, NH to Rockland, ME, lime and lobster capital of the Pine Tree State. Scenery from the ground up It will be a shelf layout (similar to the John Allen "Timesaver" and John Olson's extension to his original Jerome & Southwestern will be built in N Scale on a 28" X 80" hollow core door topped with a sheet of Styrofoam insulation.

It will be a month before I can actually start construction of the shelf, but I can start building structures and this time I will use cardstock models for as many of the buildings as possible.

N-Scale Paper Engineering How Tos

For instance, there are a series of six buildings at the back of the layout that will be background flats against a rural New England background painting.

This is getting into areas I haven’t tried before so perhaps you ought to follow along.

DIY Background Flat Designer


SBI! Proof