N Scale Group 'No Likes' Facebook, Twitter

Social Media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or YouTube isn’t the killer new thing for members of the N Scale Model Railroading group on Yahoo.. A recent poll showed members squarely behind the group.The poll, conducted the group, responded to the question: “With the pervasiveness of social media, has this mailing list outlived its usefulness?”

It wasn’t even close

A recent poll of the N Scale Model Railroading Yahoo group members showed there was little likely hood any would be straying soon.

Ntrakers and Social Media
With the pervasiveness of social media, has this
mailing list outlived its usefulness?
Yes, Retire it 1
No, It is still useful 98
What's Social Media? 10
SocialMedia is for my grand/kids 8
OK, does this mean there's a replacement to this information-exchange somewhere out there in the social-media world?

There could be, sort of. Facebook Pages and whatever Google+ calls their non-personal pages.

However, these are threaded - you can't see all messages and replies (Status Posts and Comments on them) in one sequential time-oriented view - and I don't know of any way to search them like we currently search the Yahoo groups message archives. I know you can create photo galleries on personal pages, but I don't know if people who "Like" group pages can upload photos, or not. I don't think there's any way to upload files other than images at all.

"Social Media" is a completely different way of viewing the information world and, like Wiki's, I can't see it as a replacement for Yahoo group mailing lists. Social "group" pages could be made to have the type of features we have come to depend on, but I don't see it being done by either Facebook or Google - each has their own view of the world, and neither seems to have the slightest inclination to listen to their customers (indeed, they apparently view their advertisers as their "customers", and their users as cannon fodder to feed their advertising machines).