Scale Modeling Weather
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So what does the weather have to do with scale modeling? Lots.

Radio controlled planes and helicopters are not very heavy and subject to many unplanned movements in extremely windy conditions.

Knowing the upcoming weather can help you make plans for hobby activities whether you will be outdoors or inside.

Radio Control racing or flying are heavily dependent on good weather conditions. There are safety concerns here that can't be ignored so you need to know what to expect.

Even if you are indoors it is helpful to know what to expect for humidity and the air's moisture content. These play a part in paint drying times, even the relative cohesion of the adhesives you are using.

One place where weather is really important is in photography. Knowing ahead of time whether you will be dealing with rain or sunshine, a calm or windy day can make all the difference in outdoor photography.

A still day will work best. You will find wind is not friendly to the craftsman level structure you have worked on for the past month-and-half.

Nashua Weather Forecast, NH (03063)

Rainy days in RC racing can either be fun or not. When you have your RC car, truck or plane out in the pavement, track or field, the last thing that you need is for the heavens to pour its water over you.

But don't blame the heavens if it rains. For all you know, rain can be a good thing for other people. The point in racing RC cars is that keeping it in good condition at all times, no matter the weather, is a top responsibility of the owner.

But knowing what to expect for weather can't be a bad thing unless your specialty is RC drifting on wet pavement.

RC-Airplane-Flying - a user friendly guide that offers tips and information about this wonderful hobby!

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