Ark Building No Easier for Modelers
Than Builders of Originals

Surviving the Roland Emmerich disaster epic 2012 was a little more far-fetched than the world-wide flood of Noah’s time and the mode of escape was similar (sea-going Arks), but there the similarities end.

Noah was charged by God with building the Ark after he had reached his 500th year and the Bible says he entered the Ark in the 600th year of his life.. Scholars have induced that it took 98 years to build the ark, possibly less, but no more than a century.

I sure hope it doesn't take me that long. I have started my own scratch built model of Noah's Ark which will be an N Scale centerpiece in a diorama which will measure 36" by about 12". Of course, the Ark will occupy a 28" by 6" portion of that space.

My model of Noah's Ark is based on the Biblical version and as close to possible to the measurements God provided Noah. It is not boat-shaped but instead is shaped like a really, really long covered bridge, plugged at both ends.

2012-ark Noah's Ark
One of the seven 2012 Arks Noah's Ark
In the movie 2012, mankind's salvation lies in a fleet of Arks constructed high in the Himalayas, financed by the G8 and the private sector. Not just that, but with the Chinese government's knack for ignoring human rights and workers' lunch breaks, the seven Arks and their mountain top hanger are all built within three years - but is this anywhere near possible?

By contrast, God chose one man, Noah (already 500 years of age to build a single Ark measuring 150-feet in length, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. Noah boarded his finished ark at age 600.

There was no talk in the Bible of a budget for the project Noah took on and there was no talk of expenses for Aspen wood and pitch.

By contrast, the world's super powers and the private sector signed checks totaling $895 trillion for the mountain-top hanger and seven Arks.

Nose-On View

These seven Arks were supposedly longer than aircraft carriers making them each 10 times the length of Noah's Ark.

Far larger was the'Ark hanger' built under the guise of a dam in the Himalayas and by the looks of it on film, it was the most advanced hanger/dam in the world. Currently, the largest dam in the world is the Three Gorges Dam. Yup, it is ironically in China. It took $39 billion and decades to plan and build.

In the film, the Chinese get The Ark project done in three years.

Of course, this is Hollywood so corners will no doubt have been cut.

Sailing Into A New Day

The Ark project as detailed in the movie would undoubtedly be the most expensive project the world has ever experienced and only in Hollywood could such a project be kept a secret for over three years.

So pure Hollywood hokum? An ingenious idea for the future? Or do you believe these Arks already exist, anchored inside Area 51 for the day when the apocalypse strikes?


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