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Click Kits Provide Practical Model RR Structures

Basic Instructions

Click Kits Are Easy And Practical
Model RR Structure Solutions


  • Read through the instructions provided and be sure you understand and can complete them. If you have questions, email me right now at:

  • Assembly will probably take twice as long as you think it will. You can probably speed it up but it will look better if you are slow and deliberate.


  • Sheets of 1/16th-inch Balsa 3 to 4 inches in width. You can also use 3/16ths matt board. This is to provide your building with stability.
  • Print on 50-60 pound bond. Tri-foldbrochure paper works well.
  • A sturdy ruler marked off in the appropriate scale feet.
  • Craft knife the break-away blade style works better as you always have a sharp blade at the ready.
  • Spray adhesive four mounting paper building components on the support backing.
  • PVA glue (white or woodworking).Use it sparingly and apply it with a toothpick, not directly from the bottle.
  • Colored pencils for masking stark white paper edges and also for weathering detail.


  • Stay organized. And proceed step by step.
  • You may wish to print a second copy of major wall components to allow trimming out doors and windows for 3-D representation.
  • Keep everything at the same scale, i.e, print at 100% or at 'shrink to fit' or the parts won't go together correctly.
  • Cut all major components from the sheet first and the sheet, spray glue them and apply to support stock.Cut into proper sizes and mark reverse with part name or number.
  • Cut inside any black lines that indicate a gable or slopping roof.
  • Have fun with the model, don’t be afraid to kitbash or re-size for your particular requirements. In the worst case you will need to reprint and start over again.


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