Make Scale Modeling Cheaper;
Increase Your Disposable Income

If the economy is kicking you in the butt,(you lost your job or 401k funds) now is not the time to sit down and pretend it is happening to someone else. You can’t just sit there and use the time for more scale modeling.

Diorama modeling is one way of creating detailed modeling scenes with a minimal investment in hobby materials. By not powering these models you can save the money you'd spend on power packs, motors, remote control units, DCC wiring and diecut model building kits.

Do these items add to the enjoyment of the chosen hobby? Yes, but they can be added to a still scene over a period of years as money is saved for them.

Your favorite modeling project is not something easily set aside but you don't always let it slide to the back burner just because money starts getting tight.

I started to let that happen to me when my retirement resources started slipping demanding I cut back. There would be no more nibbling about on the family budget to cover a trip to the local hobby shop.

How Does a 70-year-old Hike Income As 40-year-olds Are Jobless?

I went shopping.

Craigslist got me started on this adventure when I came across an ad for a Mystery Shopper in the city where I live. The pay wasn’t wondrous, but the job certainly looked doable. Out of little acorns…

Within a month I began producing a decent income handing four to six assignments a week. For instance, I finished one last night after and emergency call from a scheduler needing to meet a deadline for a “blind” movie check at a nearby theater. He had doubled the payment ($10 to $20) for each viewing of “Quantum of Solace” where I would simply count the audience. Five scheduled showings equals $100 plus reimbursed ticket costs.

I sat through two complete showings and stayed 30 minutes to count for the other three.

With over 250 mystery shopping companies in the United States, there are endless options when choosing a provider. Finding the right company can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start.

Each provider offers something different - companies may focus on serving one industry, and others may focus only on larger (or smaller) companies. Some companies provide automated services while others do not. Furthermore, some will provide consulting, customer feedback programs, or other additional services to evaluate customer service.

To that end, it is important to do your research to find a company who can provide you with the resources you need to make your business a success. This guide will provide you with the information and tools to make a sound decision when choosing a mystery shopping provider.

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