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Modular Modeling Coming To Cardstock

N Scale Ready For Instant Download

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The Click Kits card stock buildings portion of the website has been three months in coming to the forefront.

Starting from the glimmer of an idea to finding software that makes it possible. Next came selecting building photos and matching up textures to come up with unusual brick, rock and wood surfaces.

Finally, Modular Cardstock Modeling
The next step was building the buildings to develop the construction sheets followed by detailed instructions for cutting, pasting and finally assembling.

Along the way, I discovered a few DIY Tools (Jigs) that make repetitive procedures easier and much more accurate.

(See the Jig Headquarters)

Need A Disguise for Building Cracks?

Once the kits were done, the next step was to find out if anyone had a favorite of the first six kits. A quick poll attracted some 160 votes. It surprised me how close they actually were with Bailey's Produce coming in first (That is the sample kit you can download here) followed closely by Slingerland Litho, Weston Brick and the Franklin Complex.

Take A Laugh Break

The kits below are ready for immediate download and can be assembled almost as quickly (well almost). Depending on your design and the changes you want to make, it may take four to six hours to complete them.

Don't rush your work. One of the major advantages of these kits is your ability to replace them by reprinting.

Ready To Go
Available for download Slingerland Litho is Ready
TheSample Slingerland Litho
Weston Brick & Block N Scale Structure Franklin Complex Pipe Producer
Weston Brick & Block Franklin Complex

Gallery Instructions Questions? Downloads Articles FREE Sample