Collection Strategies For Beginners

Collection strategies are not given much thought by novice collectors who simply jump right in and start buying the objects that have a personal appeal. Then they start acquiring knowledge of their field that helps them build a more well-rounded collection over time.

There are a few (usually the more studious) who first seek knowledge and develop a background of the area where they will accumulate.

Collectors may read up on their fields of interest. Collectors' magazines are one of the most popular means that a collector may use to learn more about the field. These include titles such as Collectors News, Antiques & Collecting, Antique Trader, or Antiques & Collectibles Journal for general antiques and nostalgic collectibles coverage.

Attending conventions and collectibles shows are other ways today's collector familiarizes him or herself with the prospects and techniques used by others. These shows will often include seminars on a variety of subjects such as talented modelers, companies, displaying collectibles or how to insure a collection.
Collectors also have a tendency to join local clubs specializing in their area of expertise. Collector magazines and websites frequently list the location, date and time of club meetings as a service to new collectors. Collectors who have already narrowed their collecting horizons to the creations of a particular producer may want to join a club that focuses on this producer's work.

Many online forums on particular modeling interests are visited by collectors to learn what is new and to also communicate with other collectors in their field about collection "hunting grounds" where they have been successful and what they currently are seeking. Forums devoted to collection allow for an open exchange of such information and are often frequented by experts who will answer questions and otherwise offer guidance.

Another information source for collectors is the retail community. Collectors often establish a relationship with a retailer (online or off) who specializes in limited editions of the chosen field.

At some point, the more mature collectors will decide to "zero in" on a specific area of collecting as opposed to buying everything that has appeal. That is when collections become more personal and for some, much more valuable.

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