Craftmaster Table Makes My Best
Hobby Workbench Alternative

My Craftmaster White Top table adds mobility and versatility to my apartment-based office/crafts room.It takes seconds to switch from my desk and computer screen to my hobby table where I can work on anything from scale model railroad buildings to plastic ship models.I have personalized it with table-top storage shelves for the most often used tools and materials and added a sheet-steel surface enabling me to use magnets to square model buildings and weight glue jobs.

hobby table

Clear off the 24 by 40-inch table ready for lunch.

The six drawers below the table surface are perfect for housing tools, adhesives and paints. I reserve the two bottom drawers as junk drawers, model railroading materials on the left, scale plastic accessories on the right.

As you can see, I am working on a new build of the USS Arizona 1:426 battleship by Revell-Monogram.

hobby table

This table has given me more benefits for scale modeling that the full fledged workbench I had in the basement of our condominium.

Having it on wheels, with an optional steel sheet cutting board, small parts bins on either side of the table surface and a variable floor-to-tabletop height.

Plus, being able to tilt the table top helps in drawing up plans, working on photos and other flat work.

Speaking of photos, the roll-about option lets me bring the table to the lights by setting it in front of the windows for sunlight, or under photo floods for pictures.
If you are looking for a new scale modeling work surface (Christmas is right around the corner), take a look at the Adjustable Drawing and Craft Tables. You can save about $30 off the price I paid by clicking on either of the pictures.

No. mine is not for sale.

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