Dollars and Sense

Buy-It-Now Diorama Prices Skyrocket

I just posted my most recent scratch built diorama of Stuffy's Brewery in HO on Esty at $295, it was a lot of work for me. I just found a similar completed scale model on eBay for $415--when does it end.

Looks Just as clear on the diorama

This is too rich for my blood, especially in an economy that finds many Seniors out of work. These "built-up craftsman structures are fast becoming financial commodities.

Too rich for my blood. What percentage of these kits actually get built? I see tons of these FSM kits unopened at train shows for whacky prices. Just curious. Has this kit designer ever commented on how his stuff tends to become financial commodities? I would think that when you spend all that time designing a beautiful kit you would do so with the hope that they would be built.

Look for your self. There are more pictures at Etsy

I know how much work I put into Stuffy's and think my price is fair since I am working without precut pieces, few details and no plans or instructions.

But there are people who pay these prices, otherwise the market would dry up. Maybe I'm just selling myself short, but I still require a good night's sleep.

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