Remote Control Fast Growing Family Hobby

Family RC is a hobby fast gaining ground and if this is the year you have been thinking of introducing it to your youngster(s) here is some information you should consider.

Got An RC Question?

RC is one of the fastest growing family hobbies and you will find manufacturers are beginning to realize that children love to imitate their parents but also love action. Radio controlled toy cars planes and helicopters provide the excitement that children desire and let boys and girls driver even fly just like mom and dad do.


This is a 10 minute video of my brother, my daughter and me flying RC air planes. My brother is flying the "SKYFLY", my daughter is flying the "AERO ACE" and I am flying the "TYPHOON 3D" and the "P-51 MUSTANG PTS". The first scene is near my daughter's school and the other scenes are at my dads. It was very windy (except when my daughter is flying) on almost every flight. After my preacher found out the reason that we missed Sunday evening church service was because I was flying my air planes and he made the comment "I hope you were at least whistling I'll fly away" I decided to put Christian music to the video. I am self teaching myself and my daughter to fly and my brother has the SKYFLY that I gave him to learn on. I have been flying for about 2 months. We are having a blast and it is just good clean family fun!
Hope you enjoy the video!!

The above YouTube video illustrates the family aspects of RC flying and is a visual representation that transcends what most kids today relate to as a family activity. They are more familiar with the lives of imaginary television families than with their own real parents, brothers and sisters.

Faster and Faster RC Vehicles Potentially Dangerous

Before you go out and buy an RC toy car or truck; plane or helicopter for the “underage” RC “honcho” in your home, make sure that it’s one they can handle and will also hold their attention.

Speaking of attention, remember, short run-times are not necessarily bad. The longer it takes to charge the battery pack between uses, the less likely the RC toy will hold the child's interest. The average charge time and run time is usually printed on the box. Make sure to keep this in mind when shopping for that birthday or holiday present for the little one in your life. If you are leaning towards RC Auto racing, be aware, these models are getting faster and faster all the time. Here are some things to keep in mind:

· RC vehicles are getting more expensive, even Radio Shack versions cost $50-$100.
· Remember, they all will eventually break and become useless.
· Try not to exceed your own operating or mechanical ability.
· For a first venture at RC, stick with electric · Stick with repairable vehicles · Remember, an RC racer at 30 mph hits with over 120 foot pounds of energy
· Be careful who you allow to drive or fly your RC

So, are RC vehicles dangerous? This is not something you need to worry about, RC is safer than riding a bike.. But like anything else that kids find fun you need to use common sense and employ precautions.

Supervision is recommended for the first 45-60 days depending on operator age. And temperament. One neat way or providing this without becoming a drag is to give it a try yourself. Parents and kids make good track teams when they learn together.

If you are looking to get started in RC flying or racing, take a trip through the Radio Control section of the Modeler's Mall.

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