Gotta hole that could actually use a couple buildings?

Now There's A Way To Save
With Two Industrial Buildings--
For Under $20

The Franklin Complex is a two-building project that can occupy one site or be spread among different lots in different parts of your layout.

Iron Works building Pipe and Flange Manufacturing
Franklin Iron Works Franklin Pipe and Flange
Franklin Iron Works is a one-story clapboard building that features a "broken gull-wing" shaped roof that needs to be treated with care. The second building, Franklin Pipe and Flange is characterized by rusty and patched corrugated steel walls and roof surfaces. It also has an overhanging office on the second floor.

Why Click Kits?:

* Quick, no charge delivery with instantaneous download
* They are quick to assemble with a few basic tools and materials
* Photographic building details provide convincing 3-D structural elements
* Scaled to an accurate 1:160
* Less than half the price of other models
* Easily modified or re-sized to 2, 3 times its size
* Create multiple copies of the same kit
* Experience the satisfaction of DIY (Doing It Yourself)

Decide now; The Price is $16.97

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