Hobbies For Seniors
Improve Zest For Living

Many modelers today suffer from being Senior Citizen Decrepitude Deficient, a malady that strikes many in the middle of an intensely finicky modeling operation. It also lurks in the band of the magniVisor you use for close-up work.

Granted, scale modeling is not a major source of terminal illness and most practitioners are not subject to health problems related to modeling, but then there is the mental aspect.

Do you think you are SCDD? Here are six symptoms:

• You do an entire model doing your cutting and trimming with a butter knife.
• Your finished model is held together with rubber cement.
• You get yourself locked into the repetitive finishing cycle of filing + sanding / digging + filing to the point the wall of the model is too thin to support painting.
• You use a two-way Xacto blade to shave off a bad paint job and neither side works.
• You pull off a hypercritical modeling operation only to find it blocks access to a touchier job underneath.
• You honestly cannot understand how you could make such a dumb choice after you have failed to finish the kit.

Do You Have A Health Issue?

Most sufferers are filled with delusion. While Senior Citizen Decrepitude Deficience is not contagious (most modelers work alone) it does seem to run in groups, such as modeling clubs and contest friends.

SCDD suffers should not work on group projects as theynever know whose turn it is.

Yes, as you have probably surmised SCDD is really a figment of my imagination and you won't find it in any medical dictionary, but for many of us, it is too close to reality. For instance, I am a sufferer and from time to time maladies like this have put my modeling on hold and I'd like to say it is declining eyesight, but to be more realistic, right now it is probably more like dealing with minor Essential Tremor which makes fine work with tweezers and thread much more difficult.

Get Into A Hobby
They Make Seniors Live

1.Hobbies are dependable perscriptions for physical health.
2. Theychallenge dexterity.
3. They teach resourcefullness and patience.
4. They are alleged to increase longevity.
5. They keep mental faculties sharp and lively.
6. Hobbies distract from worry and stress.
7. Hobbies reactivate your social life.
8. They expand your personal knowledge base.
9. Hobbies give you a reason to get up in the morning.
10. They allow you to go slow and do things right.

Making Money To Afford A New Hobby

Get Excited, It Could Change Your Life

In the past there have also been things like cardiac infarctions, and an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm that brought things to a halt. For others there have been incidents of carpal tunnel syndrome, Arthritis, back and spinal, Fibromyalgia concerns, auto immunities and major depression problems.

Many of these malfunctions can be severely debilitating and all too often, the remedy from our medical community tends to be ever increasingly expensive drugs and/or surgery.

It is important to realize, particularly as we age, that there are natural, non-drug and non-surgical cures for almost every illness and disease.

Your Complete Website Business Guide

I have found a system that let's me achieve even though I am retired and disabled. It is called building an e-business.

Don't let that word "e-business" ("web-based business" or "online business") intimidate you. No need to be a techie. It's better if you're not.

"E-business" means that you generate income online. The best way to do that is by building a website that attracts free, interested visitors who find you by searching for the topics you write about on your site. You convert those visitors into income.

Why is it better not to be a techie? Qualities like common sense, maturity, and experience stand you in better stead. SBI! can't teach you those, but it can lead you through everything else. Oh yes, and "non-techs" arrive without any bad habits!


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