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Modeling is a fascinating leisure time pursuit whether it is hours between working at a job, a retirement activity that nets results or an after-school activity that gets you away from brain draining activities like television or video games.

Whether you are talking Radio Controlled cars, planes or boats, Sea going vessels, model railroads,  dioramas or other stationary models,  there is something here for everyone.

To build your Scale Modeling skills you need to practice, learn new methods,  and research your subject. Other ‘nuts-and-bolts’ stuff you will find in these pages that will make your hobby more enjoyable and your time involved more productive.

So, if you are simply surfing the web looking for some general information on how to get more enjoyment from your leisure time or getting started in a particular hobby or you want to buy a model or modeling tools you will find help in The Handbook. There are only a handful of Internet websites presenting a broad view of scale modeling and doing it in any detail.  You will find some good sites devoted a particular hobby, but none that offer the cross-melding of ideas like the Handbook.

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Always Changing, Always Growing

These are the busiest pages at Scale-Modelers-Handbook and they illustrate the diversity of the 400-plus pages in this site. New content is frequently added to these 10 pages, often at the request if visitors and repeatedly added by visitors. Click through them, you are bound to come up with a few good ideas.

Rank Daily Visits   Page Link What's It About
1 999 Scale Conversion Helps transform your project from one scale to another
2 509 Master and Commander Sequel For seven years this has been a question, to Russell Crowe
3 322 How To Build Transform A box of pieces into quality model
4 314 Diorama Building a diorama from the ground up
5 300 Weathering A 10-page guide to all things weathering
6 249 Pirate Ships We've found a model kit of the Black Pearl
7 231 HMS Victory Critique and Review of Revell's HMS Victory
8 230 Innovation Forum Check out the innovative model train sound system
9 202 craftmaster-table Craftmaster tables make great hobby workbench
10 198 Modeling Collge Modeling College at your fingertips
11 184 Scale-Modelers-blog Mini-journal of scale modeling tracks new content
12 176 first-model Your first scale model setrs you on a path
13 176 n-scale-concept Apartment-sized Model  Railroad layout
14 171 painting-a-black-art A 10-page guide to painting your creation

Don’t Be A Stranger

You will also find throughout this site several opportunities to add your own ideas, ask questions. This is what really helps because your ideas become the base from which this site grows and is always in touch, and always Scale Modeling related.

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