Lattice Work Drill Builds Dexterity

Lattice work drill tests your deftness at placing small parts on a round surface in tight quarters.Here's what you'll need:

6" dowel w/5 paint dots 1/4-1/2" apart.
3rd hand holders
10 Notebook page reinforcement labels
glue wand

Lattice Work Drill The goal is to build speed and accuracy in gluing small parts in tight quarters.

Lay dowel or Xacto knife on cutting mat so it can freely roll. Use a third hand with alligator clip to hold a "sheet" of sprue mounted parts 3" above the dowel. Set a second sheet in the other aligator clip so it lies on a plane about an inch from the first.

Working through the sprue lattice only, use tweezers to navigate the adhesive coated ring and a glue wand to apply the center each circular ring over one of the five dots.

More Practice Techniques to Perfect Your Modeling Skills

This drill is perfect for increasing agility needed for rigging model ships, painting N-Scale figures and Z-scale vehicles.

A requirement of this drill is to place all five dots without touching the plastic lattice of sprue and plastic.

Challenge yourself further by painting the inside circle of the ring without smearing it on the cloth material.

Another challenge is to time yourself with all aspects of this practice workouts.

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