Legos Bricks Feed Scale Modelers
Projects At 36,000 Per Minute

Around Christmas time, toys always become a factor in the lives of mothers and fathers trying to pull together a Christmas list of presents for their younger scale modelers and in some cases, their elders. There are several Christmas gift ideas that fit into the hands of both.

Legos, for instance is one of those “double duty” products, the majority of users still are under the age of 15, but in more and more cases, we are definitely talking about an adult user.

Adult users like Legos boss, Soren Torp Laursen who has been with the firm for over a couple of decades and now serves as president of Lego Systems, Enfield, CT. At 43, Laursen heads up a vast empire revolving around brightly-colored plastic blocks used as a means to build whatever the child’s imagination can come up with. Aside from adult players, Legos serves a variety of markets, most involving children with puzzles, games robots, dolls, toy trains and racers, but is best know for its Lego Duplo and Lego building blocks.

The Legos boss is also one of those “adult players” even to the point of having a Legos man business card with moveable arms and legs, name and contact information.

But Laursen grew up with Legos as a huge part of his life and the construction products have held on and become and he has become a Master Legos Builder.

There is actually a Legos Academy MBA program which has a simple mission statement, “Take Your Building to the Next Level”. The Legos Master Builder Academy helps users (both adult and child) use the expertise and official techniques of real Lego Master Builders to discover how to create and build better, stronger and cooler-looking self-designed models.

Legos builders have been responsible for creating a myriad of news scenes, ranging from the assassination of President Kennedy to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Specifically relating to scale modeling, Legos are used to build boxes into which liquid rubber is poured to produce molds for detail parts to a Legos Fantasy Camp where participants learned how to scale their models up and down and create large scale buildings.

According to Lego figures, about 19 billion Lego elements are produced per year. 2.16 million are molded every hour, 36,000 every minute.

Germany is the company’s number-one market, in fact, Lego is the number-one toy company in Germany. The U.S. is the second largest market, with the top-selling lines being BIONICLE and Lego Star Wars.