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Welcome to the "Loose Change Cinema where you can catch up on the latest functioning original of your current scale modeling projectin free or low cost (loose change) admission. My name is Reg Hardy and I'll be your host for these pages. I remember going to movies at the Star Theater when it was a single screen showing double features and cartoons. Then it was simply entertainment and compared to today's extravaganzas (by comparison), simple they were.

Special effects in those days were limited to simple floods in miniature, some fires and smoke. lots of smoke. If you were watching a fight on a train, chances are it was a real life-sized train - that's when steam engines were pretty easy to find. You could catch one right across the street from the Star Theater.

When the drive in was built, it was a real treat when Dad loaded up the car with my mother, my sister and myself to make a night of it.

We'd find the perfect parking place, one that was close to the center of the screen, back far enough to get a good view, yet not so far that we'd get distracted by the lights glaring from concession stand. We’d roll down the windows, pull in the speaker and get our seats adjusted.

Once we'd established our parking spot, we'd head out to the concession stand load up on popcorn, soda, candy and even pizza. When we got back to our car we'd chomp away at our snacks while we watched a double feature.

I have had a chance to review many of the movies, DVDs and videos available today dealing with the originals of a variety of modeling projects Handbook visitors are involved in on a regular basis. They include Model Railroads, Wooden ship models, RC Racers, RC Planes Dioramas and stationary models.

Some of the footage is stunning in the detail offered to sharp viewers. That makes DVDs and Videos a peak or two better than movies over which you have no control--no way to stop or pause the action. This is where I have found it handy to have a screen capture program a mouse click away.

The grid below will eventually be filled in with resources for every modeler. This won't happen overnight, but I'll keep plugging away to build this into a rich resource. You'll be able to tell which links are life when the background color turns white.

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