Building Flat Material Selector

The easiest way to use the selector is to make a note for yourself about your preferences. Just jot down the letter and number designations for each of your choices.

For instance, on a sheet of paper set up columns for four choices which you will enter in the Design It Yourself form.

Siding Windows Doors Roof
S-3 W-4 ID-1 R-4
  MW-3 GD-3  

Pick Your Siding Material

S-1 S-2 S-3 S-4 S-5
BY-1 BY-2 BY-3 BY-4 BY-5

Pick Your Window Style(s)

W-1 W-2 W-3 W-4 W-5
MW-1 MW-2 MW-3 MW4 MW-5

Pick Your Door Style(s)

ID-1 ID-2 ID-3 ID-4 ID-5
GD-1 GD-2 GD-3 GD-4 GD-5
R-1 R-2 R-3 R-4 R-5

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