Micro RC Provides RC Training Wheels

Radio controlled cars, planes, even boats have presented a steep learning curve for beginners, Now they can move practice in doors.

Most radio controlled vehicle enthusiasts start out with toy-grade RC cars, planes or boats. These toy RCs may be all you ever want or need.

But most want to get serious about their RC hobby of choice and switch to hobby-grade RCs. But, before you commit to hobby-level vehicles, there are several factors to consider: cost, repair and maintenance, time-commitment, type of vehicle, driving and racing.

One area that is developing fast as the training ground for RC hobbiests is Micro RCs.

They keep the cost down, provide an accurate training session and for the most part, can get the beginner started indoors where environmental factors are at a minimum. There is also a limited maintenance requirement and modifications are minimal.

Let's take a look at each micro racers, mini planes, mini helicopters and micro boats.

Micro Race Cars Tear Up The Living Room

Mini Helicopters Ideal Practice Machines

RC Flying On Gossamar Wings For Soft Touch

More Micro Information
Micro-RC Micro-Racer Micro-Flying
Micro-Boats Mini-Helicopter Serious Micro

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