Model Collecting Techniques To Get You Rolling

Model collecting involves gathering model cars and trucks, planes and trains and has long appealed to youngsters and adults alike. There is something magical about these miniature vehicles that mimic their real life counterparts. It can be compelling.

There are just a few things you need to keep in mind to make your collection the best it can be.

Collecting Maquettes

1. Decide the focus of your collection. There are lots of different kinds of model cars and/or truck you can collect. Before you start building your fleet, decide whether you will concentrate on just one particular type of model (like plastic or diecast metal models or if you will welcome all kinds into your collection. Decide if you will collect finished models or ready-to-build.

2. Collecting Maquettes is a form of model collecting which raises it to an art form. You can often find fine examples of these model forms on eBay such as the Maquette of Bobba Fett at the left Inspired by events seen in The Empire Strikes Back. With millions of people from all over the world listing items for sale every minute, chances are excellent that you will find just what you need here.

3. Go shopping. Your local stores are good places to start looking for models. Toy stores and department stores and some hobby shops can be well stocked until you start getting into older models.

Airliner Collection On Two Shelves

4. Get onto the garage/yard sale circuit. When your neighbors move or their children grow up, model surplus will end up on sale tables and you can usually negotiate a good price.

5. Hit the books. The modeling and collectibles section of your local library or bookstore will have a number of books to help you determine the going price for elements of your collection. They can keep you from overspending.

See if you can find a copy of Collecting Model Car and Truck Kits the guide to collecting those wonderful memories of assembling the ride of your dreams.

It includes a value guide lists the models shown in the book and gives a high-end price for each model.

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