Model Investments
Come To Life With Realism

Investments beg the question, could your HMS Bounty model be your secret path to increased personal bounty? < The model above is obviously the HMS Victory. It looks pretty sharp, but is it really worth $50,000. Stay tuned to find out why investors are getting involved.

Model investments are serious business, these are not your simple $5 Snap-Together-Kits but instead are arduous examples of history preserved to contribute to the culture of days gone by and to the art of today.

Price really depends on several things like your modeling ability, your investing ability and your negotiating ability.

The real star of "Mutiny on the Bounty" is the ship itself and it is unquestionably the most sought after of the Tall Ships. You will find the Bounty and the Victory both for sale on the same site. Handcrafted Model Ships has the largest variety of investment quality tall ship models and Richard Norris, founder and master builder offers a combination of high-quality authentic models, attractive prices, and customer service.

“We are proof positive that a model can be affordable AND historically accurate. Through feedback from experts, historians and you, our customer, we continue to improve and expand our model ships,” said Norris.

HMS Victory bow shot
Bow view of the HMS Victory

Handcrafted Model Ships is the largest manufacturer of high quality model ships in the world.

The cornerstone of investment level ship models can be summed up in one word--Quality. Quality can be one of the most confusing parts to determining which model ship is perfect for you, and even more so when trying to decipher the information provided from those who are selling the model.

At Handcrafted Model Ships, LLC., we are confident we have the highest quality model ships for the price in the world, said Richard Norris, founder and builder.

Model ship building has been my lifelong hobby. I have built a wide variety of model ships and consider myself an expert tall ship historian, Norris added.

First and foremost, Handcrafted Model Ships, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of high quality model ships in the world. We realize that purchasing a model ship is a significant decision. If you are not a model builder, it can be very difficult to determine what is a "great" model or a "great" value. To further complicate the matter, not being able to examine the model in person, or not being able to compare models of different builders to examine the small details, makes the decision even more confusing. In summary, a ship model might look good from afar, but when closely examined it is far from good Your model could become a model investment.

Ship Model Shipping Can Protect Investment

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