Modeling Media Source
Saves Hobby Budget

Looking for a good research source for materials on scale modeling? I always am and I just found one I'd like to recommend you check out. It can cut you book and DVD costs in half, funny, that's the

I had never given it a second look, but I wish I had found it a few years ago when I started building up my mini library on scale modeling.

eBay's has Amazing Bargains

There are literally millions of products on with fixed prices well below what you will find at other major portable media sites.

For instance, Sheperd Paine's "How to Build Dioramas". You can snag a copy for $6 at At the same book is listed at $16.47.

Kind of reminded me of my purchase of Ship Modeling from Stem to Stern by Milton Roth. Got it for $19.95 at the local hobby shop. I found a copy at for $4.05. is owned by eBay. Instead of the familiar auction format, the eBay subsidiary's sellers offer items at fixed prices. The product line is limited to books, textbooks, music, movies, video games, and video game consoles.

At eBay's you can buy and sell books, movies, music and games.

The buy-sell scenario is about the opposite of eBay'sSellers competitively "bid" against one another based on the UPC code. A surfing buyer sees the available inventory for say a railroad modeling book and can pick among sellers.

This is the opposite of eBay where buyers bid against one another. The Pre-Order feature allows buyers to set a price and quality rating of a particular item they would like to buy. Sellers see the pre-order listed when they put an item up for sale and may sell it to the buyer if they agree with the buyer's price. This is the exact opposite of what happens on eBay's site.

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