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Modeling Miscellaneous includes ship model tips, helicopter flying games, new modeling tools, scale modeling surveys, product reviews  and other specialties being
 sought all the time by beginning and pro modelers from almost any spot on the globe. It is here you will find the surprises and for some the mundane, they all are related to scale modeling in one way or another. A term from Clipper days for Friday's meal composed of the week's leftovers all mixed together

For A Tight and Temporary Third Hand, Use Magnets

Magnets Have Many Uses In Modeling

Magnets are something I never gave thought to in my modeling exploits until I discovered a use for "magnetic attraction".

At left, magnets are being used to hold pices of ribbing vetical and exactly 90 degrees to the surface.

The idea is simple enough. Just lay a sheet of thin steel over your modeling surface. In my case it is the Crab where I do my rigging and deck furniture construction for ship models.

Magnets replace the pins I had been using to hold fast the bitter ends of rigging lines while I am building a ratline set,

The magnets provide a uniform holding power, they are easily moved and will keep the lines taught.

I am sure there will be many more uses for this addition.

Wife's Bargaining Skills Aid Modeler

Your wife can help your modeling shopping budget by pointing you to some real bargains. For instance, you’ll find your local cosmetics counter is a fairly important modeler’s shopping spot. 

Nail polishing boards that have multiple levels of roughness are half the price of a similar product sold as track and wheel cleaners. Emery boards are another must have item much cheaper as a cosmetics item than has a hobby tool. In the next aisle, you’ll find Q-tips also essential in many forms of modeling.  

When you take a break for lunch, go Oriental and hang onto the disposable chopsticks. They are excellent paint stirrers and can be notched on one end to handle a multitude of ship model rigging tasks. 

And to return the favor, you’ll find her nail polish remover comes in small bottles and is pretty expensive when you compare it to paint thinners that can do the same job

Scale-Modelers-Handbook Quik Survey

You can easily respond to our next modeling artist survey by following the link below and adding a comment at the bottom of the survey entry.

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This new survey is a fun one: How much space does your modeling require? How much can you use for both building and displaying models?

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1. Do you have a designated hobby area in your home where you work on scale models:?
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2. How much space in total square feet do you allow for modeling?
A 16
B 36
C 64
D 144
E More than 12 by 12
3. How well suited is your space for modeling?
A Not Well At All
B Somewhat suitable
C Very well suited
4. How much space do you require for finished model display?
A 16
B 36
C 64
D 144
E Over 12 X 12
5. How does your family respond to your modeling activities?
A Supportive
B Tolerant
C Antagonistic
6. If there was one thing you could do to radically improve your model making ability what would it be?

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