Modeling Music Helps Me Stay On Time

Do you think your modeling area has to be quiet in order to be productive? Think again. The idea that modelers will get the most work done in a a quiete environment actually hits a sour note today.

Music that moves me helps me kerep going through mundane and repetitive steps like using my Chopper to cut things like wall framework pieces, rafters and planks.

At tis point in my life, I enjoy music that moves me. It keeps me in a good mood and helps me maintain an even temperment when I make mistakes or get interupted.

Actually, I have tried it both ways and silence, while I am alone, and find music is an important addition to my modeling.

Music is a core function in our brain. Even day-old infants are able to detect differences in rhythmic patterns. From an evolutionary standpoint, music precedes language. We don’t yet know why, but our brains are wired to respond to music, even though it’s not “essential” for our survival.

Our actions tend to entrain to music. Have you notice when you walk and hum, your steps tend to keep keep pace with the melody. Our motor systems tend to match a rythemic beat.

Try to keep your foot still during the next song.

Music helps us learn. I like to keep music playing in the background as I watch a new modeling DVD. Music is an effective mnemonic device and can “tag” information, not only making it easy to learn, but also easy to later recall.

Music is predictable, structured, and organized–and our brain likes it. Music often has a predictable steady beat, organized phrases, and a structured form. You cna learn to organize your modeling by listerning to music. It doesn't bounce all over thr place and we need a plan to our modeling, even when modeling from scratch. Ntice how predictable the lyrics are in this song.

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