iPad App, Multimeasure
is Scratch Building Aid

In scratch building projects I have found a unique tool for extrapolating structure dimensions from photographs which saves a ton of guesswork on properly sizing a building wall for instance to produce its scale model.

Multimeasure 2.0 is an App for iPhone or iPad designed to take measurements in hard to reach areas (like a photo) of say a window or door and enter its feet and inches from top to bottom.

First, get a measurement of say the window by moving the measuring line over the window and stretching its end points to capture the width.

One I use a lot is the industrial 6-over-6 which measures 36” X 64”. I take the most even, in this case, three feet, and plug that into the software as the width of the window.

Once you have entered your reference measurement in as the new dimension, you can move that measuring line to any other line of the photo such as ground to rooftop and the software will read out that new dimension in feet and inches which is easily scaled to whatever scale you model in N, HO, S, O or G.

You can download this App from the iPad/iPhone App Store and run it as a demo version. I am sure if you do much scratch building, you will find it well worth the small charge.

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