N-Scale Apartment Layout

How many times have you seen a train layout in a magazine and wished you had the room to build it yourself as your "dream layout"?

Enter N-Scale trains.

Here's betting you have the room for a layout half the size of the magazine version.

The above plan was originally conceived as an HO layout for a 4X8 sheet of plywood. In N-scale, this can be expanded and provides enough room for a second level while allowing room for a dockside scene on the lower level. Such a plan is not out of keeping for Northern New England operations.

N-scale offers all the detail and selection of the larger scales and you can build an intense layout on a 36"X80" interior door mounted on a pair of folding leg sets.

Revamping Layout Plan To Get It Right

Better yet, my office desk is a 36"X80" hollow core door setting on two filing cabinets. Now that gives me an idea!

How about a swappable door that houses an N-scale layout? What a fascinating thought!

What era Steam...Diesel, maybe a little of both

N-scale has advanced to the point everything is available locomotives, cars, track, buildings, structures and an endless supply of scenery items.

Scenery is the specialty of Woodland Scenics with books, DVDs and VHS on scenery as well as a complete line of supplies trees, mountains, rocks, grass and dirt.

If you can find it in nature, you can reproduce it on your layout.

Switch office functions and bring up the computer. Type in trains, Depot, steam engines, diesel, logging, even railroad ferries...anything you would consider using on you layout.

A hollow core door will provide cover for wiring...I can even cut away a section for a lake or dock area..What a concept, I can't wait to get started.

Let's see, I'm going to need a lot of N-scale pieces-parts. Here's the biggest selection I can find right here on my computer:

Small N-Scale Layout Plans