New to N scale scratch building

by Wes
(Phoenix AZ)

I have been scratch building for about 3 months. My budget is very small. I always look for cheap alternatives to commercially available N scale kits and materials. I also run into instances where there is no commercially available material for my application. Of course my basic materials are the Evergreen, and or Plastruct molded styrene.

An example of one of my less than conventional materials is colored tissue paper used as curtains, and carpets. I have used material called tule where very fine mesh is needed like the catwalk on a modern billboard. I have used home window screen cut diagonally to make chainlink fencing. Instead of buying N scale fruit for my trees I used the small sprinkles used for decorating cookies.

my most recent problem was that I wanted mini blinds is a house. my first thought was the molded styrene but the lines were too wide and light could not pass through. Searching through my home I found a piece of ribbon from a Christmas gift. It had lines that were sufficient, and the fabric allowed light to pass through.

I guess in conclusion look everywhere for materials don't just look to hobby supplies. Also look for other uses for commercially available supplies. For tires I would find black tubing of sufficient diameter, and wall thickness and cut it as desired. I think tissue paper is the answer to you seagulls but not sure how yet.

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Aug 18, 2015 NEW
by: Anonymous

Models are always helpful for the people who want to make the new things; same is for the people who want to make the things by using new material. The article is about finding the new alternative to scratch the buildings.

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