Noah update Reveals Full-Sized Arks
In Opposite Corners of the World

When reviewing my website stats this morning I noticed the page about modeling Noah’s Ark had attracted 114 visitors last night and it got me to thinking about a follow-up on the tangent article, constructing a full-sized replica in Frostburg, MD.

Pastor Richard Greene whose vision launched this project back in 1976 today is 73 years old and has been known to wonder if he will see its finishing. Pastor Greene has depended upon the generosity of man for the resources to construct this 475-foot long replica.

Four years ago, an article in a local newspaper described Greene’s project: “the Ark is a long-standing source of both amusement and irritation, a kooky roadside landmark that over the years has come to be closely identified with the former coal mining town of 8,000 people -- now better known as home to Frostburg State University, the only four-year institution of higher learning in Maryland located west of Baltimore.

Pastor Greene originally thought the project would take 3-4 years to build, but it is well into its 3rd decade and seems to be bogged down. It did not make me doubt the Biblical account, but did make me wonder if such a thing was possible today. It got me to researching.

Noah's Ark in Holland Noah's Ark, Hong Kong
Present day Noah's Ark in Holland Noah;s Ark in Hong Kong recently

Smaller versions of  Noah's Ark Show Differing Purposes
Greenpeace-Ark Ark in New Brunswick
Built by Greenpeace on Mount Arat in Greece Bible College Dormitory in New Brunswick

Here are video stories of each:


Hong Kong

Mount Arat in Greece

New Brunswick, Canada

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