Online Shopping Spree
Saves Time and Money

With the constantly increasing gasoline prices, I have found shopping for hobby items on line to be a lot more practical and a lot less time consuming.

For instance, I was recently looking for an RC helicopter and stumbled across the Internet's biggest online shop, I've never scene such an inventory.

Most of the items at are on sale and the variety is overwhelming.I was looking for a heli trainer, 2-channel. Couldn't find it at my LHS, eBay didn't have any listed, but they have them at XHeli and in several different colors.

One of the neat things about this site is the fact it provides a customers' forum for immediate help on a variety of issues. When I checked it there were over 1,400 entries.

Yes, they even had a video of the particular model I was looking for, but there is at least one negative, the one in the video is not the color I wanted.

Seriously, the RC Heli business has become quite sophisticated of late and most online vendors have videos of their product line as well as computer simulators to help you learn helicopter flight.

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