Painting and glueing Plastic 3D patterned sheet cladding

by Wendy

Pre-finished 3D sheets

Pre-finished 3D sheets

Pre-finished 3D sheets Brick before and after painting Painted pebble plastic sheet Finished project using all plastic patterned sheets

The following instructions are for the Model Builders Supply Plastic 3D Patterned sheets: Brick, Stone, Siding, Tile, Roofing etc.020" thick, sizes 7x12", 7x24" and 14x24" depending on the scale that you choose and several colors to start with. Best selection of patterns and scales out there.

Read all instructions first. This is a condensed version of our “How To” instructions ( check out our web site for more)
In most cases paint first then install.
Use flat acrylic paint (thin with water), if full coverage is required, little thinning is needed. A faint wash requires a very
water mix (1part paint 2 parts water). The thinner the paint,the more underlying sheet colour will show through, adding
depth and realism. Experiment on the back to get the finish you desire.
GROUTING: For a realistic mortar, spread Surpatch spackling compound on (mix with paint for coloured grout) with
sponge or fingers filling in all the grout lines. Wipe off excess with a damp rag, leaving some residue actually gives a
realistic effect. Grouting can be done before or after painting, depending on desired finish. Paint (2:1 paint & water)can
also be used, brush on, wait approx. 3min. then wipe off excess with folded paper towels.
PAINTING: Bricks, blocks & stones
can be painted randomly using 2-3 complementary colours leaving some unpainted to show the underlying colour of the
sheet. Roofing: Asphalt: speckled with 2-3 colours. Tile roof: painted with a solid flat finish. Wood shake: paint a lighter
wood colour, let dry then brush up the grain with a dark grey colour wash to add
an aged look. The more washes you do the darker the effect.
SPECKLING: This adds further texturing and is typically used on roof shingles and stone & brick
patterns, it can also mute any overpowering colours. Spray a light dusting from about 16-20” away in a back & forth
motion until

desired effect is achieved (use in a well ventilated area). A toothbrush can also be used, dip in paint and flick your thumb across the bristles aiming at the sheet, larger speckles result with this method.
TILE: Reverse painting on clear tile is a great way to achieve a custom scratch proof finish. Turn the sheet over so the ridges face up, designs and patterns should be painted first as this is what will show through on top, then paint 2 coats of a solid colour. Let paint
dry between layers. Adhere with STICK’M.
TEXTURING: A variety of materials can be used to create different effects such as cut sponges, cheesecloth, feathers, plastic wrap etc. There are so many techniques, but your imagination is your best tool, experiment and have fun. If this is all too much for you, Pre-finished sheets are also available.
GLUEING For deep patterns and corner glueing use MBS GLOOP, spread evenly and fully to the edges, press into
place and clamp if necessary. For flat sheets use MBS STICK’M adhesive sheets or Weldbond adhesive.
CUTTING: Use an Xacto knife, make one firm cut on the top side and the sheet will always break precisely along the
cut, whether straight or curved. Knife around bricks for easy matching.
BENDING: Sheets can be bent around corners by folding gently.
MBS manufactures over 200 different designs, colours & scales of 3D plastic patterned sheets pre-finished & unfinished.

TIPS: If you don’t like what you’ve done, let it dry then sand down the uppermost features of the sheet and start over.
Try using watercolor pencils for painting individual bricks and stones.
If paint is too dark, dab it with a paper towel while it’s still wet.
Your imagination is your best tool, experiment & have fun.

SMH Responds great article Wendy, I am sure it will really be a help to modelers everywhere.

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Painting and glueing Plastic 3D patterned sheet cladding NEW
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