RC Boating Rolls Out During Summertime

Radio controlled model boating is almost as popular as the full-sized version. Far less expensive, it is a different means of enjoying water in the summertime.

First, you will have to decide just what type of boating you want to try. Many choose high speed or racing boats, but you need to be sure of the legalities before you weigh anchor. In the case of boat racing you must have Liability insurance. One of the providers is NAMBA (North American Model Boat Association) Insurance. NAMBA is a primary insurance and carries a Personal Injury Rider on it that will cover accidents to boaters. It is also good an any body of water, at any time, so long as there are no swimmers present.

There are several variants of the RC boating hobby:

· SAILBOATS: These are not only the most relaxing of all the models, they are also the least expensive.

· SCALE MODELS; These boats are for the realist. They're beautiful whether they're on the lake, gathering a crowd, or resting comfortably on your mantel.

Ever Try Fishing From An RC Boat?

· SCRATCH-BUILT BOATS: These are boats built from plans and are for the pure hobbyist.

· RACE BOATS; These are for the person who wants the thrill that only pure, unbridled speed can give them!!

· CHARACTER BOATS...These boats are for anyone who is a builder, experienced or not. These boats offer more fun than you can imagine, and they always draw attention.

· WARSHIPS... These Goliaths are a breed all their own. If you like big, these are for you

· COMBAT MODELS...If you're a WW1 or WW2 buff, this is your ticket to heaven.

Who's The Big Gun In Your Pond?

There are many suppliers of Ready-To-Run boats, many sellers of used RC boats and several varieties you can build from a kit or scratch build. Cost is a main consideration these boats can range anywhere from $1,200 new down to $12.00 on eBay.

The high end costs are for speed. $1,200 will probably get you up to skimming across the lake’s surface at 45 mph (39.1 Knots), add another $600 to $700 and you’ll have one of the fastest at 50 to 60 mph.

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