Why Modelers Should Practice? 

Practicing Is Simply

The Only Way To Get Better


Go ahead, try not practicing, it doesn't work, It's a real bummer

Many modelers try to improve their models by throwing money at them; RCers attempt high speed racing pre-eminence after a quick clinic or a lesson. But it's only by practicing what is presented that you can improve.

Do You know the Secrets of Practice?

Discover the secrets of Practicing scale modeling whether it is racing an RC car or rigging a three-masted frigate practice is key to the development of muscle movement and hand-to-eye coordination.

  • Practice provides opportunities to develop your fine motor skills which will require patience, and determination.

  • Practice helps adults with mental or physical challenges improve functional ability.

  • Practice teaches younger modelers attitudes that can and should be used throughout life.

  • Practice promotes health and growth through adequate leisure and recreation.

  • Practice helps you quickly develop the refined use of your small muscles.

Specifically BYOB Helps You Understand

How to set practice and performance goals

How to develop your own practice plan

How to get past Modelers' Block

How to Polish Painting Prowess

How to fine tune your dexterity

How to practice RC Racing Technique

Keep the following in mind: 

  • Don't think about practicing--Practice!
  • Don't buy more stuff to practice--Practice with what you've got!
  • Don't buy more tools - Practice with the tools you have!
  • Don't put it off - Practice Now!

You've got to practice.
It's the only way to get better and that’s what this ebook is all about. 

 Practice Today: BYOB (Bring Your Own Brain) leads you through a perfect practice routine based on input from modelers, RC racers and instructors across the country. In short, it is how they handle their own practice. 

1. How do you get past the shear boredom often associated with practice? 

2. How do you set a goal for your practice that isn't beyond your reach yet challenges you to go into the workshop? 

3. How do you develop the mental aspects of the real thing in your practice routines?

4. How do you practice RC car racing Before you compete


This eBook presents ideas on practice culled from the experts who normally bill their time at over $50 per hour. 

One section of Scale Model Practice Today...BYOB is devoted to Modelers Block with a 9-pack cure. 

Try the Lattice Work Drill to build your dexterity in tight quarters.

For RC Racers there is an extensive section which tracks you through Progressive Practice drills to help you develop reaction time and master manipulation of your car/truck. Try the Drifting "8".

Its all here. A plan for your scale modeling practice sessions is one click away. Within a minute or two you will be on your way to a new focus for your modeling performance.

If you respond right away, you pay only  $19.95

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